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QEF Products Catalogue

Since its establishment in 1998, the Quality Education Fund (QEF) has financed more than 8,800 projects. Through the implementation of these projects, a great wealth of good experience of teaching practice and educational deliverables has been generated. To enhance the public's accessibility to high-quality project deliverables, the QEF promotes them through the market. Since 2003, the QEF has compiled the QEF Products Catalogue listing all the project deliverables for sale. In view of the great demand for QEF products, some of the more popular items are available for sale at several book stores.

Catalogue of QEF Products by Classification

Language Education
Living and Thinking
Home-School Cooperation
Moral and Civic Education
Teaching and Learning
Special Educational Needs

Sales Channels of QEF Products

Education Bureau: Central Resources Centre, QEF Secretariat ( by order only )

Online Purchase: QEF Cyber Resource Centre, Hong Kong Education City

Retail Outlets: Designated bookstores at Academic and Professional Book Centre, Chung Hwa Book Co. (HK) Ltd., Commercial Press, Joint Publishing and Swindon Book Co. Ltd.