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7th Call

Beneficiary sector
Project Type Innovative Project
Beneficiary sector Primary

Records: 1 - 160 of 160

No. Project Number Project Title Name of Applicant School/Organisation Grant Approved(round to nearest $000)
12003/0004Lighten Our Campus with Chinese CalligraphyTsuen Wan Government Primary School33
22003/0006Let's Write a Story! Let's Share the Fun!Sheng Kung Hui St. Timothy's Primary School104
32003/0010Reading - A Pathway towards 'Reading to Learn'Yan Chai Hospital Chiu Tsang Hok Wan Primary School64
42003/0012A Whole School Approach : Building up a Harmony Culture in SchoolSam Shui Natives Association Tong Yun Kai School **Closed WEBSCIM 12**116
52003/0013Parent-Teacher Co-operation on Remedial TeachingLok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School (Branch)154
62003/0014Planting the Seeds of CreativitySacred Heart Canossian School52
72003/0018Whole School Approach of Using Mind Map to Learn and Teach HappilyLok Sin Tong Chan Cho Chak Primary School *** Closed 01.09.2009 ***104
82003/0021Children Literature - Adventure of Monkey KingHing Tak School85
92003/0024Beijing & Hong Kong Project Learning Action ResearchChiu Yang Primary School of Hong Kong124
102003/0025Beijing & Hong Kong Project Learning Action ResearchChiu Yang Primary School of Hong Kong124
112003/0036Brilliant TV StationMa Tau Chung Government Primary School257
122003/0037Pleasurable Reading for Low-achieversPo On Commercial Association Wan Ho Kan Primary School36
132003/0040Tai O AmbassadorThe Church of Christ in China Tai O Primary School5
142003/0044Reading ZonePLK Gold & Silver Exchange Society Pershing Tsang Primary School88
152003/0045Acquiring Information Technology, Improving Reading AbilityFive Districts Business Welfare Association Mrs. Fung Ping Shan Primary School *** Closed 01.09.2009 ***209
162003/0047Enliven Learning of Chinese CultureHong Kong Taoist Association The Yuen Yuen Institute Chan Lui Chung Tak Memorial School176
172003/0054Learning in HarmonySalesian Yip Hon Millennium Primary School167
182003/0057Charity PlanetThe Hong Kong Eng Clansman Association Wu Si Chong Memorial School29
192003/0071Culture East Meets WestThe Hong Kong Eng Clansman Association Wu Si Chong Memorial School84
202003/0075Accelerating School-based Curriculum DevelopmentShatin Tsung Tsin School232
212003/0085Effective Writing Programme - Experienced WritingJordan Road Government Primary School75
222003/0092To Promote Teaching and Learning English through DramaDr Catherine F Woo Memorial School80
232003/0099Plant Cultivation for SciencePo Leung Kuk Tin Ka Ping Primary School68
242003/0101Variation of Learning , Development of One's PotentialPrice Memorial Catholic Primary School68
252003/0103Individual Study Plan System for Coping with Individual DifferenceYan Chai Hospital Chan Iu Seng Primary School86
262003/0109Read Together! Read with Fun!Sheng Kung Hui St. Peter's Primary School64
272003/0112Creative and Passionate School Life Through Information TechnologyAD&FDPOH Mrs Cheng Yam On Millennium School356
282003/0117School-based Curriculum Development in Mathematics and Drama EducationPo Leung Kuk Fung Ching Memorial Primary School193
292003/0122To Acknowledge and Widely Develop the Chinese Traditional Culture by Exploring the Village CustomsTuen Mun School **Closed as at 1.9.2006**53
302003/0136Using IT in SchoolThe Church of Christ in China Kei Wa Primary School170
312003/0137Twinkling Star Wisdom - Shuttle through the Space of Innovative Learning and TeachingHHCKLA Buddhist Wisdom Primary School303
322003/0139Inside the Reading Strategies BoxIsland Road Government Primary School112
332003/0149School Science ExplorationYuen Long Long Ping Estate Tung Koon Primary School100
342003/0152School-based Creative Learning SchemeShun Tak Fraternal Association Leung Kit Wah Primary School189
352003/0161Language OctopusBuddhist Lim Kim Tian Memorial Primary School145
362003/0169Multi-cultural IntegrationIslamic Primary School25
372003/0175Thinking Skill in Learning & TeachingHong Kong & Macau Lutheran Church Primary School137
382003/0180Bilingual Self-learning PlatformXianggang Putonghua Yanxishe Primary School of Science and Creativity261
392003/0190Integrated School ChannelHoly Family Canossian School268
402003/0191Campus with Harmony and LoveLutheran Tsang Shing Siu Leun School113
412003/0192Community-based Integrated Arts Education ProjectTai Po Old Market Public School198
422003/0193Catering Individual Differences & Developing Students' Potential - A New Model of Curriculum in Tailoring Learning DifferencesFung Kai No. 1 Primary School151
432003/0195Reading for FunSacred Heart Canossian School Private Session59
442003/0203The "Whole-school Approach" in Tackling School Bullying in Primary Schools: Its Development and EffectivenessCity University of Hong Kong387
452003/0209Reading Campus, Lots of FunPo Leung Kuk Fong Wong Kam Chuen Primary School103
462003/0211Extracting Creativity through Intimate Paired Parents - Children Reading and WritingSheng Kung Hui St. Peter's Primary School36
472003/0212Vital CampusYing Wa Primary School120
482003/0216To Learn Chinese Calligraphy, Painting and Acquire Family TiesBuddhist Wong Sewai Memorial School PTA46
492003/0221Wonderful Chinese CultureFung Kai Liu Yun Sum Memorial School48
502003/0224「One.Two.Three」Television ChannelCCC Heep Woh Primary School (Cheung Sha Wan)270
512003/0229School-based Middle Management Leadership TrainingThe Methodist Church, Hong Kong - School Education Division457
522003/0233Wing Yan Learning ChannelBuddhist Wing Yan School195
532003/0235Using Multimedia for Integrative Learning in the ArtsLei Muk Shue Catholic Primary School130
542003/0246Life Wide Learning ─ Live Broadcasting in CampusPo Leung Kuk Luk Hing Too Primary School362
552003/0261Fun at Yan's GreengardenSheng Kung Hui Chu Yan Primary School74
562003/0263The First English Electronic Book for Primary Pupils (Learning and Teaching Action Research)Yaumati Catholic Primary School740
572003/0264Dynamic Drama in Education - Scheme of Drama in Education in Chinese LanguageHoi Ping Chamber of Commerce Primary School62
582003/0267Better Learning FormulaShek Lei St. John's Catholic Primary School135
592003/0272Dynamic CurriculumTa Ku Ling Ling Ying Public School147
602003/0286Past Echoes PresentOblate Primary School16
612003/0288A Broad and Diversified School Curriculum with an Interactive IT ApproachTaoist Ching Chung Primary School224
622003/0291Promoting the Innovation of Curriculum by Sharing of Lesson-studyShap Pat Heung Rural Committee Kung Yik She Primary School200
632003/0292Drama EducationSI YUAN SCHOOL OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD68
642003/0300To Establish a Treatment Programme to Accelerate the Reading Abilities of Primary 1 and Primary 2 StudentsThe University of Hong Kong - Faculty of Education - Centre for Advancement in Special Education450
652003/0301Treasure in BooksSai Kung Sung Tsun Catholic School (Primary Section)(S)173
662003/0302Learning to Learn English Language ProjectHong Kong Council of Early Childhood Education and Services2650
672003/0311Ring JoyChristian Alliance S Y Yeh Memorial Primary School78
682003/0312Positive Discipline TrainingThe Association of Heads of Primary Schools, The Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China172
692003/0313Catering for Individual Differences through "Learning Study" and "Information Technology"ELCHK Hung Hom Lutheran Primary School299
702003/0317Healthy School LifePLK Chan Yat Primary School80
712003/0318Enjoy Learning in Small ClassesNg Wah Catholic Primary School148
722003/0320Enhancing Learning and Teaching Through School TVThe Church of Christ in China Kei Wai Primary School (Ma Wan)274
732003/0327Using Student-centered Action Research to Promote Curriculum Development in Primary Four MathematicsYuen Long Public Middle School Alumni Association Primary School110
742003/0330An Individualized Reading Programme to Enhance Students' Reading/ Writing AbilitiesChi Tak Public School **Closed WEBSCIM 12**40
752003/0335Who Am I?Sau Ming Primary School133
762003/0350Implementation Studies of a Web-based English Learning System in Primary SchoolsCentre For Innovative Applications of Internet and Multimedia Technologies (AIMtech Centre), City University of Hong Kong480
772003/0357Learning to Read : Chinese and English Reading LessonsThe Church of Christ in China Mong Wong Far Yok Memorial Primary School54
782003/0363Reading EnlightenmentTung Koon District Society Fong Shu Chuen School99
792003/0364Rainbow ProgrammeTung Chung Catholic School (Primary Section)72
802003/0370Improving the Learning and Teaching Performance by Learning Management SystemCanton Road Government Primary School500
812003/0375Developing Pupils' Scientific and Technological Mind within a Through-train Mode SchoolHKFEW Wong Cho Bau School270
822003/0379Speaking over the RainbowSau Mau Ping Catholic Primary School43
832003/0388Campus Super LinkYan Chai Hospital Law Chan Chor Si Primary School277
842003/0389Speaking is Fun with Accurate Pronunciation in CantoneseChan's Creative School (Hong Kong Island)63
852003/0390Reading and Creative Reading are FunSKH Tin Shui Wai Ling Oi Primary School160
862003/0398Effective Learning : Enjoy 'Reading with Fun'Fung Kai Liu Yun Sum Memorial School122
872003/0402Our Mysterious SpaceTai Po Old Market Public School (Plover Cove)90
882003/0404Scientist Tomorrow : The School-based Science and Technology Curriculum and Activity ProjectChristian and Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Primary School268
892003/0409A Dragon Heart "Thumb"Carmel Leung Sing Tak School99
902003/0411Creating an Inviting Educational Environment, Developing the Full Potential of StudentsChai Wan Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School (closed as at 01.09.2010)152
912003/0414School-based Gifted Education ModelSt. Francis of Assisi's English Primary School122
922003/0416Alternative Module for Health MediaLiu Po Shan Memorial College520
932003/0418An Interactive Digital Campus TVAlliance Primary School, Whampoa313
942003/0427Implementing Multi-media Teaching, Leveraging Teaching and Learning EffectivenessThe Hong Kong Institute of Education Jockey Club Primary School119
952003/0429What We Read, What We GetMa On Shan Methodist Primary School80
962003/0431Peer Tutoring ProgrammeLui Cheung Kwong Lutheran Primary School180
972003/0433The Implementation and Promotion of Teaching Chinese in Putonghua - Reading and WritingYan Chai Hospital Choi Hin To Primary School160
982003/0438The Use of Drama in ClassroomFive Districts Business Welfare Association Chow Chin Yau School220
992003/0441Happy, Healthy & Helpful in H. C. ChanChristian Alliance H. C. Chan Primary School of the Kowloon Tong Church of the Chinese Christian and Missionary Alliance, Hong Kong199
1002003/0442Reading with FunShatin Government Primary School50
1012003/0443Reading with FunLok Wah Catholic Primary School70
1022003/0446Learning English from Multiple ActivitiesChow Clansmen Association School **Closed WEBSCIM 12**47
1032003/0449Learning Through Campus TVSheng Kung Hui Tin Wan Chi Nam Primary School297
1042003/0450Whole School Approach: Promoting Harmony in School ProjectCCC Kei Faat Primary School (Yau Tong)73
1052003/0460Let's Enjoy Reading through Interactive Multi-mediaLing To Catholic Primary School267
1062003/04623-cross Teaching and Learning Model : An Implementation with Campus-TV ApproachBaptist (Sha Tin Wai) Lui Ming Choi Primary School326
1072003/0464Nourishment of TalentHong Kong Taoist Association Ng Lai Wo Memorial School130
1082003/0469Full Speed Ahead School-based Restructuring ProjectLok Sin Tong Primary School129
1092003/0475All-round Reading and Writing Enhancement ProgrammeSheng Kung Hui Ling Oi Primary School250
1102003/0480New Self-learning CommunitySt. Francis' Canossian School97
1112003/0481Action Research: Establishing the Culture of Self-improvement in School through Peer-collaboration in Lesson ObservationFive Districts Business Welfare Association Chow Chin Yau School136
1122003/0491RICE Project LearningSt. Edward's Catholic Primary School113
1132003/0494Motherland on RadioHoly Angels Canossian School201
1142003/0498Educational ChannelPLK Chee Jing Yin Primary School253
1152003/0515Life - Long Learning Beauty of Our Lives . ChinaCNEC Lui Ming Choi Primary School194
1162003/0522Multi-aspect and Quality Music EducationCCC Wanchai Church Kei To Primary School (Kowloon City)37
1172003/0524Enhancing Interactive Learning with E-learning and TeachingHong Kong and Kowloon Kaifong Women's Association Sun Fong Chung Primary School300
1182003/0536Building an Effective School-based Assessment System through Work-embedded LearningSheng Kung Hui St. James' Primary School98
1192003/0552Enhancing Higher-order Thinking Skills through Interdisciplinary ReadingMs Tsang Yau Tai272
1202003/0556Life-wide Learning: Explore Mother Country's CultureNew Territories Women and Juveniles Welfare Association Limited Leung Sing Tak Primary School (Tseung Kwan O) (S)150
1212003/0566Reading StrategiesSt. Peter's Catholic Primary School34
1222003/0567The New Era of Learning and TeachingGrantham College of Education Past Students' Association Tseung Kwan O Primary School**Closed WEBSCIM 08**269
1232003/0569Assessment for LearningConservative Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School126
1242003/0589Quality Teaching CoursewareHHCKLA Buddhist Wong Cho Sum School72
1252003/0591Learning without BarrierHong Kong Weaving Mills Association Primary School**Closed WEBSCIM 08**87
1262003/0596An Experimental Project to Engage Students in Project Learning, to Promote Their Thinking Skills and to Enhance Learning and Teaching Through "Cooperative Learning"Sharon Lutheran School117
1272003/0598Reading is Great FunGold and Silver Exchange Society School **Closed WEBSCIM 12**24
1282003/0604Matrix of Love - Better School-family CohesionFanling Assembly of God Church Primary School222
1292003/0605Aesthetic Education -- Look into Hong Kong Public Arts from 2D to 3D SpaceWai Chow Public School (Sheung Shui)84
1302003/0617'Speaking Chinese is Fun' for Primary Non-chinese Speaking StudentsDelia English Primary School and Kindergarten246
1312003/0619Three Steps to Better Learning: "Willing to Read", "Learning to Read" and "Reading to Learn"St. John The Baptist Catholic Primary School205
1322003/0624Experiential Play in Mathematics: Effective Teaching and Learning Programme 2004-2005Shun Tak Fraternal Association Wu Siu Kui Memorial Primary School52
1332003/0626A Research Project on the Effectiveness of Student-based Learning (Sheng Ben) EducationHong Kong Student-based Learning (Sheng Ben) Educational Research Assocation221
1342003/0630Reading to Write RightCarmel Alison Lam Primary School112
1352003/0632Computer-assisted Music Teaching RoomG. T. (Ellen Yeung) College104
1362003/0637Professional Development on English Curriculum - From Textbook to a Literacy-based Approach for English Language LearningGood Counsel Catholic Primary School195
1372003/0641Professional Training for Middle Managers in Primary SchoolsThe Hong Kong Primary Education Research Association235
1382003/0645Effective Learning and Teaching ─Leading to SuccessLok Sin Tong Yeung Chung Ming Primary School191
1392003/0661Effective Use of Multimedia in LearningPo Leung Kuk Grandmont Primary School265
1402003/0666Experiential Citizenship Education ProjectHo Shun Primary School (Sponsored by Sik Sik Yuen)75
1412003/0678Learning and Teaching - a New StratumThe Church of Christ in China Kei Tsz Primary School84
1422003/0686Development of Different Subjects and Self-evaluation through Campus TVSheng Kung Hui Chai Wan St. Michael's Primary School310
1432003/0711An Electronic Project-based Learning PlatformPo Leung Kuk Castar Primary School134
1442003/0713Promoting All-round Development Through Campus TVFive Districts Business Welfare Association School323
1452003/0725Unboundary Learning ─ Intergrated Learning and Assessment SchemeFung Kai No.1 Primary School274
1462003/0739Promoting Problem-solving Practices among Teachers and Pupils in Primary MathematicsDepartment of Social Sciences, The Hong Kong Institute of Education478
1472003/0763Creativity in Learning and Teaching: A Channel Model in Primary School CurriculumCenter for Child Development, Hong Kong Baptist University2130
1482003/0771Quick Learning in PutonghuaPo Leung Kuk Wong Wing Shu Primary School44
1492003/0775Putonghua Promotion ProgrammeFanling Public School66
1502003/8001Installing air-conditionersChi Hong Primary School288
1512003/8007Installing air-conditionersSt. Matthew's Lutheran School **Closed on 1.9.2008**12
1522003/8008Installing air-conditionersLok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School (Branch)375
1532003/8009Installing air-conditionersSt. Andrew's Catholic Primary School120
1542003/8011Installing air-conditionersChi Tak Public School **Closed WEBSCIM 12**138
1552003/8012Installing air-conditionersChung Sing School(S)408
1562003/8013Installing air-conditionersHoly Family School63
1572003/8014Installing air-conditionersAldrich Bay Government Primary School400
1582003/8015Installing air-conditionersHHCKLA Buddhist Wong Cho Sum School25
1592003/8016Installing air-conditionersBuddhist Bright Pearl Primary School **Closed WEBSCIM 12**32
1602003/8017Installing air-conditionersLok Sin Tong Lau Sai Yan Primary School **Closed WEBSCIM 12**23