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Project Information

2012/13 School Year

Beneficiary sector
Project Type Catering for Students’ Learning Diversity
Beneficiary sector Secondary

Records: 1 - 3 of 3

No. Project Number Project Title Name of Applicant School/Organisation Grant Approved(round to nearest $000)
12012/0398Emulated Radioactivity Experiments with Wireless Control and Data Processing FunctionsDepartment of Applied Physics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University600
22012/0423Develop Student's Multiple Intelligence through Campus TVThe Yuen Yuen Institute MFBM Nei Ming Chan Lui Chung Tak Memorial College253
32012/0461Catering for Students' Learning Diversity through Rich Tasks and Collaborative Learning (Junior Secondary Mathematics)The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Education, Division of Science, Mathematics and Computing1889