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e-Learning Ancillary Facilities Programme

  • Guide to Applicants
  • New Project Scheme
  • Development and Dissemination Scheme
  • News
    The assessment of all applications has been completed. More than twenty of them have succeeded in acquiring the funding. Most of the projects will commence from the early 2023/24 school year. The contents of the approved projects are diversified. The platforms and e-learning resources under development will cover different subjects. The target beneficiary will include students in kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, and also students with special education needs. The Quality Education Fund has uploaded the list of projects and their short introductory video clips onto the webpage of Hong Kong Education City. The URL is as follows:
  • Enquiry
    For enquiries on the e-Learning Ancillary Facilities Programme, please contact the Information Technology in Education Section of the Education Bureau at 3698 3603 or 3698 3667.