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Organizational Structure

Quality Education Fund Steering Committee Assessment and Monitoring Sub-commottee Dissemination and Promotion Sub-committee


The QEF Steering Committee

The QEF Steering Committee advises the Government on the policies and procedures governing the operation of the QEF. The Steering Committee is supported by a Secretariat of administrative and professional staff from the Education Bureau. It is chaired by a non-government official and supported by members from the Education Commission and the school/business/professional sectors.

The terms of reference of the QEF Steering Committee are :

To make recommendations to the Government on the custody and use of QEF, specifically :

  • to advise on the procedures for inviting, and guidelines for assessing, applications for funding;
  • to advise on the detailed criteria for allocations to be made from QEF; and
  • to advise on the policy for the control and use of QEF including any standing arrangements in respect of disbursements.

To oversee the on-going operation of QEF including:

  • to consider applications for funding and to make recommendations to the Trustee on whether the applications should be supported;
  • to monitor the operation of QEF Secretariat; and
  • to review the effectiveness of the funded projects.

To make recommendations on:

  • the overall strategy for making use of QEF as a vehicle to enhance the overall quality of school education; and
  • the strategy for disseminating best practices and experience gained from projects funded by QEF.


To assist the QEF Steering Committee in administering the Fund, an Assessment & Monitoring Sub-committee and a Dissemination & Promotion Sub-committee have been set up. The terms of reference of the two sub-committees are-


Assessment and Monitoring Sub-committee

The terms of reference of Assessment and Monitoring Sub-committee are -

  • To assess applications for the Quality Education Fund (QEF) in accordance with the guidelines approved by the QEF Steering Committee (SC);
  • To recommend to the SC or the QEF Trustee, in order of priority where appropriate, applications that are worthy of support, their appropriate funding levels and whether there should be any special conditions attached to the disbursement of grants;
  • To conduct on-site monitoring of funded projects; and
  • To conduct paper monitoring of progress and effectiveness of funded projects.


Dissemination and Promotion Sub-committee

The terms of reference of Dissemination and Promotion Sub-committee are -

  • to identify ideas, practices and experiences evolved from Quality Education Fund (QEF) projects that are worthy of dissemination;
  • to formulate dissemination and promotion strategies for individual or groups of QEF projects;
  • to formulate territory-wide strategies to enhance the image of QEF in promoting quality education in Hong Kong; and
  • to review and evaluate the effectiveness of dissemination and promotion activities conducted


The QEF Investment Committee

The QEF Investment Committee has been set up alongside the QEF Steering Committee to set policies for and to monitor the investment of the Fund. The QEF Investment Committee is chaired by the Secretary for Education, with the Chairman of the QEF Steering Committee, the Deputy Secretary for Education, the Director of Accounting Services and two investment consultants as members.

The terms of reference of the QEF Investment Committee are -

  • to set policies for the investment of the funds;
  • to advise on the appointment of fund managers to handle the investment of part of the funds; and
  • to monitor the local and overseas investment of the funds.